Frequently Asked Questions

Since the concept of Concierge Medicine is still fairly new, we get many questions regarding how this system works.  Below are some of the most-asked questions and answers.

Your annual fee includes a complete preventive physical exam each year, 24/7 access to your physician, e-mail access, phone consultations (as appropriate), hospital visits, longer appointment times, same day appointments, immunizations and in office lab work such as pregnancy tests, flu tests and strep screens. There are no add-on fees at Utopia Primary Care.

Yes. Dr Baird is on the medical staff at all of the Honor Health hospitals. If you require hospitalization, Dr Baird will make visits and coordinate your inpatient care.


Yes. Our Concierge medicine primary care medical practice does not take the place of general health insurance coverage. You are advised to continue your PPO, Medicare or other insurance program to cover such things as lab work, radiology tests and specialist care.

Your annual fee pays for membership in the practice, for your annual wellness exam, and for the other services listed in the Patient Agreement. However, all other procedures and services not performed in my office will be billed by the performing entity and billed to your insurance plan.

No. We will not bill your insurance company for any of our services.

No. There is no additional fee unless you require more than 10 visits per year. There will be a $50 fee for each subsequent visit.

No. We have opted out of Medicare. However, Medicare will continue to pay for services (i.e. lab work, x-rays, etc) that are ordered by us but provided by a different facility.

Some Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Medical Savings Account (MSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) plans may pay for all or part of the annual fee. Patients are advised to consult their accountant or their human resources representative at their place of employment.

Patients are advised to consult with their tax consultant to clarify qualification in their particular circumstance.

You would call 911 if you have a life-threatening emergency. Then call us. Call us first if the problem is minor. With the exception of a few controlled substances, most prescriptions can be ordered anywhere in the country. If you seek care at an emergency room or urgent care center out of our area, we will be readily available for phone consultation with you and/or other health care personnel. If you should require hospitalization while away, at your request, we will establish phone communication with you and your attending physician(s) to ensure continuity of care.

Of course, our patients are free to see any specialist they wish. We are available to help you decide what specialists to see and to coordinate such consultations. In this way the most appropriate resource is used, the earliest arrangements are made, and your applicable medical information is sent in advance of your specialist visit.

The costs of prescription medications are the patients’ responsibility and in many cases should be covered by their insurance plans. We have expertise in assisting patients in purchasing medications in the most cost effective manner.

Yes. Paying your concierge fee allows you to be a member of the practice whether you are sick or well.  We strongly encourage you to utilize wellness consultations and emails for appropriate non-urgent health related questions, regardless of your state of health.

If you don’t see your questions here, please feel free to call our office at 480-355-0600 … we’re here to help you make sense of your health care options.