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We offer an alternative to the way health care is currently provided … care that is patient-centered, convenient and of the highest quality. This type of practice in which a group of services is paid for by patients is often called a concierge or boutique practice.

Annual Well Exam For Children

Every child should have an annual well exam with their family’s chosen medical provider!  Now is a great time to get this caught up as children are out of school, and most offices are a little less hectic this time of year!  I encourage everyone to come in and get their annual exam before the [...]

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Speak Your Migraine

As any migraine sufferer can attest, headaches are a very complicated subject!  Patients and their medical providers spend a great deal of time working on the causes and treatments for each individual.  Recently I have found an online resource called Speak Your Migraine that provides a great deal of information on this condition!  I feel [...]

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What Type Of Exercise Is Best?

People frequently ask about what type of exercise is best! New data suggests that interval training may the most beneficial for our overall health.  Short bursts of intense exercise separated by longer recovery periods have been shown to improve longevity, lower blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure!  So in considering your next exercise plan, [...]

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Voted Top Doctor By Phoenix Magazine

Dr. Jeffrey Baird was voted 2018 Top Doctors in Family Medicine in April's edition of Phoenix Magazine!   It is quite an honor and many extraordinary doctors are celebrated in this issue.  You can request a copy to be delivered to you by visiting Phoenix Magazine online.

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High Blood Pressure – The Silent Killer

High blood pressure is a silent killer!  Hypertension can be present for years without any symptoms.  But in the background it is damaging our heart, kidneys and brain! Screening for high blood pressure is easy.  Come by your provider’s office, check at the pharmacy or even drop by a local fire station; everyone should know [...]

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Great American Smokeout – November 16th

November 16th is this year’s date of The Great American Smokeout.  Each year the American Cancer Society encourages all smokers to try stopping for one day.  For those of us who do not smoke, they suggest we support our smoking friends and family in their effort to quit for this day as well.  Research has [...]

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Positive Experience

I have been going to Dr. Baird for years, and I love him and the office atmosphere. The office always fits me in in a timely manner, he takes his time and is very thorough, and has always been spot on with his diagnosis. When there was time for alarm, he immediately sent me to [...]

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