November 16th is this year’s date of The Great American Smokeout.  Each year the American Cancer Society encourages all smokers to try stopping for one day.  For those of us who do not smoke, they suggest we support our smoking friends and family in their effort to quit for this day as well.  Research has shown that stopping for one day can be the kickstart some people need to become a long term Non-smoker!

Smoking tobacco containing products has many deleterious health effects, contributing to lung cancer, heart disease and breathing problems just to name a few!

Today, there are many new ways to help with smoking cessation and your primary care provider can help!  If the Smokeout gets you excited to quit, please see them right away to begin your personalized cessation plan!

For further information on this year’s event please go online to, .

Let’s continue our quest to become a smoke free society!!