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Utopia Primary Care — Concierge Medicine in Scottsdale, AZ


We offer an alternative to the way health care is currently provided … care that is patient-centered, convenient and of the highest quality.  This type of practice in which a group of services is paid for by patients is often called a concierge or boutique practice.

It is the belief of Dr. Jeffrey Baird, M.D. — a prominent Scottsdale physician for the past 25 years — that the patient-doctor relationship has been severed by a combination of insurance company and governmental interference. In 2014 he decided to form Utopia Primary Care Concierge Medicine, where the patient’s need are the main driver for the practice.

What does concierge medicine mean to me?

  • We do not contract with insurance payers, but instead develop a payment structure directly between us and our patients.
  • Our office practice is limited to no more than 400 patients, providing a higher level of service for each individual.
  • We provide continuity of care throughout the healthcare spectrum, from routine office visits and physical exams to coordinating care in the hospital setting.
  • We communicate with our patients in whatever way best suits their needs; in person, by phone or electronically.
  • We offer same day appointments and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the year.

At Utopia Primary Care, we believe this is the best way to optimize our patients’ health while limiting the interference from outside forces.


Health care for the entire family, under one roof!

At Utopia Primary Care we provide support throughout the healthcare spectrum:

Acting as your “Medical Quarterback” Dr. Baird provides a cohesive and integrated approach to your health — from coordinating care among Specialists, providing guidance when additional tests and procedures are needed, and being your Medical Advocate if a hospital stay is required.

With a special interest in medicine for mature adults and chronic disease management, Dr. Baird enjoys the academic challenges of family medicine and helping his patients cope with the health challenges which occur over the years.


Our office is located within the East Scottsdale Medical Care location in North East Scottsdale:
10565 N 114th Street, Suite #103, Scottsdale, AZ 85259

What are the many benefits of concierge medicine?


24/7 Doctor access and Same day Appointments


More personal and in-depth knowledge of each patient


Medical Advice by phone, email, text, facetime, skype, etc.


Finding health issues before they become problems


Annual physical, in-office lab work and immunizations


Annual Fee with NO add-ons, including discounts for family members

A Personal Message From Dr. Baird

  • Exercise Sprint

What Type Of Exercise Is Best?

People frequently ask about what type of exercise is best! New data suggests that interval training may the most beneficial for our overall health.  Short bursts of intense exercise separated by longer recovery periods have been shown to improve longevity, lower blood sugar levels and improve blood pressure!  So in considering your next exercise plan, consider “sprinting” your way to your fitness goals!

What Our Patients Say …

Highly Recommended

Jeffrey Baird was my primary care doctor for many years. I recommend him highly. Also, his support staff are excellent.  --R. Azbill

Positive Experience

I have been going to Dr. Baird for years, and I love him and the office atmosphere. The office always fits me in in a timely manner, he takes his time and is very thorough, and has always been spot on with his diagnosis. When there was time for alarm, he immediately sent me to a specialist. I feel safe and secure with Dr. Baird's expertise.

Very good about calling back immediately

Dr. Baird has been my physician for approximately 25 plus years. I find him to be very knowledgeable, kind, understanding and spends time with me.  Very good about calling back immediately on a day he is not in the office and I have a health concern or question.   -- Scottsdale, AZ | Mar 24, 2017

5 Stars!

Amazing office and staff! Thank you so much for the great care! Highly recommend. -Phoenix, AZ | May 24, 2017

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